IPS Academy Sanwer

Central India’s Premier Educational Hub IPS Academy Campus-2, Sanwer

IPS Academy Campus-2

Central India’s Premier Educational Hub IPS Academy Campus-2, Sanwer

Infrastructure and Facilities

Since its establishment, the college has been committed to academic excellence. We strive to keep our students up to date with the latest industry trends through a combination of theoretical classroom lessons with practical training sessions.

The students are encouraged to approach faculty members after class hours to get their doubts clarified and any specific queries resolved. The academic environment is conducive to achieving excellence in studies and focuses on the holistic development of the student’s personality. Regular GDPI sessions and discussions on current affairs are conducted.

A plethora of stimulating activities such as case studies, simulation, management games; CEO in Classroom; Main Bhi Entrepreneur and lecturette sessions by top-notch corporate professionals are offered from time to time at the Sanwer campus. These activities offer the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the real world by exposing the students to unstructured scenarios while equipping them with the necessary skills and analytical tools to manage diverse situations. Furthermore, students have plenty of options from a number of paid and unpaid internships in their respective sessions, which offer a valuable perspective of the working environment in an organization. Industrial visits are planned regularly to provide additional exposure.

These programs provide an opportunity to not only become a job creator but to employ their skills to climb up the corporate ladder with an entrepreneurial mindset and bring the learning into the effect.

Providing ‘State-of-the-art’ facilities to each student is of utmost importance at IPS. Throughout your educational journey at IPS, you will experience excellence with the latest equipment and unmatched facilities.


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